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Crowcon logoCrowcon develop, manufacture and market a complete range of portable and fixed gas detection products you can trust to protect people and plant against gas hazards worldwide.

Gas detection products: personal and portable gas monitors; fixed gas detectors: control systems gas sampling systems.

Crowcon specialises in developing, manufacturing and marketing innovative, reliable and cost-effective flammable and toxic gas detection equipment. The company was formed in 1970 and has constantly led the field with products designed for safety and environmental monitoring needs. The Company’s mission statement is «To be relied on worldwide for the protection of people and plant against gas hazards.»

Based in Abingdon, Oxfordshire in the UK, and with branch offices in Europe, North America and South East Asia, Crowcon currently employs 200 full time staff in sales, marketing, customer support, research & development, manufacturing and engineering.

Crowcon products are sold throughout the world, serving oil, gas and petrochemical companies, public utilities, clean water and sewage treatment companies, fire brigades, construction companies and other organisations where accidental leakage of gas or vapour can become a toxic or explosive danger.

Crowcon has been a part of the Halma Group since 1985. Halma is listed on the Midcap London Stock Exchange (FTSE 350) and is recognised as one of the most successful engineering groups in the World.

http://www.crowcon.com, sales@crowcon.com

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