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Brecon logoBRECON — smart vibration technologyAs a BOSCH spin-off BRECON stands out by offering smart vibration solutions for compaction, conveying and other industries since 1995.

BRECON is situated in Cologne, Germany. We offer German engineering products and consultancy worldwide.

As exclusive BOSCH-licensee in the past years and with our experience and know-how applying vibration technology in many industries, we continuously enhance our product line. The development of new products is following the market requirements and is often carried out in tight co-operation with manufacturers of machinery.
Our Goal is to offer the best products and solutions for your needs: Our Vibrators ensure constant production time and repeatable quality results.

When working with BRECON you can expect fast response, cost awareness and customer orientation. In our state of the art office and production facilities we are able to generate customized solutions within shortest time. 3D- CAD systems and integrated quality control lead to results that are convincing and cost efficient for our customers.
Our web site will offer you an overview and first advice for choosing the desired product. However we invite you to contact us instantly by fax, phone or email if you don’t find the full answer to your questions online.
We specially recommend original equipment manufacturers (OEM) to contact us directly. We will be glad to offer you our technical consultation and start working with you on your next project.

BRECON ProductsBRECON specializes in the production of smart vibration equipment for different applications in many branches.
From external vibrators for industrial production in branches like concrete industry or applications like conveying to handheld tools like internal vibrators, power tool tampers or surface compactors BRECON offers a whole range of vibration equipment and accessories.

External VibratorsBased on decades of experience in Vibration Technology BRECON manufactures a wide range of electrical External Vibrators.
You can chose between low or high frequency vibrators, mobile or permanent installation, synchronized solutions, almost any voltage and frequency or DC (direct current) operated vibrators.

Internal VibratorsBRECON internal vibrators are well suited for rough applications and a long service life.
Reliability is guaranteed by using only high quality materials and components.
Here you can read more about internal vibrators.

Control SystemsBRECON offers a wide range of standardized control units. However about 70% of our production of controls is customized.
Within vibration technology we see the control system as supporting devices that must perfectly fulfill the requirements of the vibration process. We want the user of our vibration equipment to be able to focus on his manufacturing process.

Stolberger Straabe 393, D-50933 Cologne, Germany
0049-(0)221-9544270, 0049-(0)221-9544277
mail@brecon-vibration.com, http://www.brecon-vibration.com

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